Emo Style

Emo Style

Emo style A Unique Fashion Statement

A mixture of Punk and Hardcore Rock music in the later part of 80's, came to be called Emocore. This genre of music became very popular and so did the fashion and styles sported by its artists. Its popularity has reached its peak today and most of the youngsters prefer Emo style, as Emo has now become a culture.

Emocore music is an Emotive expression of feelings, and a break from the stereotype behaviour that a society demands. This characteristic had a great impact on young minds and they readily accepted this emerging counter-culture as a means of expressing themselves. Emo not only became a popular style among youngsters, but it also gave rise to a type of attitude which borders on the gloomy and sad Emotions.

Black color dominates the Emo style and is used extensively in clothing and for dying the hair. A particular set of hairstyles forms the main characteristic of the Emo culture. Some of the popular hair trends among children Emo style are -

  • Deep black color dye is used to make the hair look exceptionally black and is also sometimes combined with streaks of other colors. These streaks can be lighter shades of natural colors or jarring punk colors like a vivid blue or a flashy pink.
  • The hair will be cut in layers giving it an asymmetrical and wild appearance. A lot of different styles are possible with this type of cut and you can also make it look trendy and well-groomed.
  • Another favourite is the absolutely straight hairstyle, which is popular among kids who want to have long hair. Girls usually love this style. This is coupled with sharp cuts and streaks.
  • Spikes are also popular in Emo hairstyles and they will be more sleek and well-groomed compared to the punk styles.

Emo style clothing is typically characterised by its tight fit. Mostly tee shirt and jeans are the attires which are preferred, and they will be a couple of sizes smaller than the size of the person wearing them. Black predominant the color schemes of the clothing, and most of the times the tee shirt and jeans will be of the same deep black color. Emo style clothing will have a lot of drawings and messages on them. These are ways of expressing what the child is feeling at that time. The main purpose of the clothing is taken as a means to express feelings and is not used to make a fashion statement.

Youngsters sporting an Emo style will wear many accessories along with their black clothing. The jewellery will be mainly necklaces, bands and bracelets having some sentimental value. Belts will be usually broad having spiked designs and having a huge buckle. Emo style makeup will usually consist of black eye lining and different markings on the face and hands. Mascara and rouge is used as well to give the face a defining look.

Although Emo styles have many standard characteristics, each will be unique, as it is based on the Emotions which they are expressing. The possibilities of different variations are endless as each is based on varied feelings.